Our Shared Responsibility

70% of Australian smokers say they want to quit smoking*, but for a number of reasons don’t, or simply can’t. They need viable alternatives they can trust, understand and easily use to successfully transition away from smoking completely.

Bay Pharma shares the concerns of Australia’s public health community regarding the uncertain long-term use implications of Nicotine Vaping Products (NVPs) and the risk of new addiction by non-smokers. We recognise that while these products can help achieve our shared goal of a smokefree Australia, they should not be accessible to youth or non-smokers.

Bay Pharma believes that combining pharmaceutical standards and processes with the latest in NVP innovation has enormous potential to address the burden of smoking-related disease. The people who use Bay Pharma's products, and the doctors and pharmacists who support them, require the utmost confidence in the safety and quality of our products. Bay Pharma's visionary approach to NVPs delivers just that.

Bay Pharma is determined to help improve smoking cessation rates globally and will continue to work alongside regulators, medical practitioners and public health professionals to prove the safety and efficacy of nicotine vapourised products. Working in collaboration with leading scientists and industry experts, we are committed to ensuring that Bay Pharma stays at the very forefront of NVP technological innovations.