Our Mission

Bay Pharma, founded with a strong vision for the future of pharmaceutical innovation, is a pioneering supplier of pharmaceutical-grade vaporised nicotine products. Our company operates at the intersection of cutting-edge research and rigorous safety standards, ensuring our offerings are always of the highest calibre. With an unwavering commitment to health, safety, and quality, we are proudly compliant with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGO-110) Standards, a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Our product portfolio, robustly designed to meet the varied needs of our global customer base, centres on vaporised nicotine products formulated to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Leveraging scientific knowledge and advanced technologies, we deliver nicotine solutions that meet the rigorous demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

It's critical to note that Bay Pharma is wholly independent. We stand apart from the tobacco industry and are committed to establishing a health-focused future that rises above traditional nicotine delivery methods. Our core objective is to provide healthier alternatives for nicotine users while driving continuous improvement and innovation in the field.

Our fundamental principles of integrity, transparency, and commitment govern every aspect of our operation. We aim to lead by example in demonstrating how a pharmaceutical company can revolutionize nicotine products while maintaining a resolute focus on health and safety.

At Bay Pharma, we are not just suppliers; we are innovators, creators, and most importantly, we are health advocates, reshaping the nicotine industry with ethical practices and forward-thinking solutions. We look forward to a future where the highest quality products are the norm, not the exception.

  • Proudly Independent

    Bay Pharma has no affiliation with the tobacco industry, their affiliates, or any organisations or individuals engaged in lobbying on their behalf.

  • National Distribution

    Bay Pharma products are available in over 5000 pharmacies across Australia.

  • Training & Consulting

    Therapeutic vaping products are diverse and in some cases complex. We consult with our clients to enhance their service and support their patients

Partner In Quality

Independent Australian Supplier of Nicotine Vapourised Products

Available at over 5000 Pharmacies Nationwide

Bay Pharma products can be purchased at pharmacies nationwide

  • Pod Systems

    These systems include closed pre-filled pods with rechargeable battery device. Once the prefilled pods are empty they are replaced.

  • Pre-Mixed eLiquid

    Pre-mixed liquids come on a large variety in terms of dose and flavour. These are added to refillable devices and offer a low cost option to users

Distribution Partner

Bay Pharma brands are available from our distribution partners CanView

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Information for Prescribers

Bay Pharma works with healthcare professionals to support patient access to NVP products for smoking cessation

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Information for Pharmacists

Our team can assist your pharmacy in product knowledge, access, quality and compliance requirements for NVP products

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We support research in the investigation of the safety and effectiveness of NVP products

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