Information for Pharmacists

Australian pharmacists can now stock and dispense nicotine vapourised products. The TGA has published guidelines on quality manufacturing of NVP products.

  • Information for Pharmacists (TGA)

    Learn about changes to the regulation of vapes, and what the changes mean for sourcing these products and the requirements for dispensing

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  • CPD Training/Webinar - Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

    Join our expert speakers, including TGA’s Chief Medical Adviser Robyn Langham, as this webinar delves into what the regulatory changes are and what they mean in terms of sourcing and dispensing therapeutic vapes for pharmacists

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  • TGA Notified Therapeutic Vaping products

    This page contains a list of vapes (including vaping substances, vaping accessories and vaping devices) that sponsors have provided to the TGA stating that the goods comply with applicable standards for supply in Australia

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