Therapeutic Vapouriser E-Liquids


  • Locally supplied and insured

  • Characterised and assessed E-liquid

  • Domestic Pharmacy Distribution (CanView)

  • ISO 9001 Standard Manufacturing


Our Therapeutic Vaporizer E-Liquid is a pharmaceutical-grade solution, meeting ISO 9001 standards. Precisely engineered, it's crafted with top-tier pharmacopeial ingredients for unmatched purity. Developed through extensive R&D, our e-liquid aims to provide a superior therapeutic experience. Rigorously tested, each blend is optimized for maximum bioavailability and efficacy

Trade Name: CHOSEN
Description: Salts and Freebase E-Liquids
Sponsor: Bay Pharma Pty Ltd.
Active Ingredient: Nicotine
Volume: Salt Nicotine - 30mL | Freebase Nicotine - 60mL
Nicotine Levels:

Salt Nicotine: 20mg/mL | 30mg/mL

Freebase Nicotine: Nicotine Free | 3mg/mL | 6mg/mL | 12mg/mL

Flavours: Tobacco | Mint | Unflavoured

*LULA Device best recommended for Chosen E-Liquids

LULA - Refillable Device for CHOSEN


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