Highest Standards for Inhaled Nicotine Replacement

LULA Therapeutic Vaping System

  • Locally supplied and insured

  • Characterised and assessed E-liquid

  • Domestic Pharmacy Distribution

  • ISO 13485 Standard Manufacturing

  • Child lock feature


Therapeutic Vaping System

The LULA therapeutic vaping system sets industry standards with its ISO 13485 medical device certification, combining simplicity with unparalleled quality. It features an innovative built-in Child Lock, ensuring safety and peace of mind for users seeking a reliable and superior vaping experience. LULA offer users flexibility with pre-filled pod options and refillable pod option.

Trade Name: LULA
Description: Pre-filled nicotine pod system (2x2ml pods)
Sponsor: Bay Pharma Pty Ltd.
Active Ingredient: Nicotine
Dose and Frequency: Recommend Max 1 pod per day. New users suggest
30mg/ml nicotine level to avoid dual use. Reduce over time when no risk of relapse
to smoking.
Nicotine Levels: Nicotine Free | 20mg/ml | 30mg/ml
Flavours: Tobacco | Mint | Unflavoured | Grape | Strawberry

*LULA Device and Pods Sold Seperately. Script not required for LULA device

LULA Refillable Pod

LULA Therapeutic Vaping System offers a 2ml Refillable Pod option

Suitable with CHOSEN eLiquid

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