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  • TGO 110 Compliant


Therapeutic Vaping System

The ALLO Sync is a breakthrough in therapeutic vaping technology, blending simplicity, ease of use, and affordability into a sleek, user-friendly device. Designed for those seeking a stress-free experience, the ALLO Sync offers an intuitive interface that makes operation simple. With no buttons or complicated settings, users can enjoy a seamless transition to therapeutic vaping

Trade Name: ALLO Sync
Description: Pre-filled nicotine pod system (3x2ml pods)
Sponsor: Bay Pharma Pty Ltd.
Active Ingredient: Nicotine
Dose and Frequency: Recommend Max 1 pod per day. New users suggest 30mg/ml nicotine level to avoid dual use. Reduce over time when no risk of relapse
to smoking.
Nicotine Levels: Nicotine Free | 20mg/ml | 30mg/ml
Flavours: Tobacco | Mint | Unflavoured | Grape | Strawberry

*ALLO Sync Device and Pods Sold Seperately. Script not required for ALLO Sync device

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