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The webpage educates healthcare professionals on using therapeutic vaping products for smoking cessation and nicotine dependence management. It covers the benefits of medical vaping, clinical evidence, patient assessment, product details, implementation strategies, regulatory information, and additional resources. The aim is to equip healthcare providers with the knowledge and tools to effectively support patients in quitting smoking and improving their health.

About Bay Pharma

Bay Pharma, a leader in pharmaceutical innovation, supplies high-quality vaporized nicotine products. Operating at the forefront of research and safety, we adhere strictly to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGO-110) Standards, underscoring our commitment to excellence. Our diverse product range is crafted to meet the highest pharmaceutical standards, utilizing advanced technologies and scientific expertise.

Crucially, Bay Pharma operates independently of the tobacco industry, focusing on health-driven innovations. Our mission is to provide healthier nicotine alternatives, surpassing traditional delivery methods. Integrity, transparency, and a steadfast commitment to health and safety guide our operations.

Clinical Research on the effectiveness and safety of therapeutic vaping

The first e-cigarettes was developed in 2003, since then e-cigarettes have been comprehensively studied for safety and efficacy.

Therapeutic Vaping products are considered the most effective quit smoking aid and are ''At least 95% less harmful than cigarettes smoking''

Cochrane Review (2022) E-cigarettes and smoking cessation

E-cigarettes and Harm Reduction - Royal College of Physicians UK (2024)

Supporting smoking cessation - Therapeutic vaping RACGP (2023)

Patient Counselling

This guide aims to assist prescribers abd pharmacists in advising patients on the practical use of therapeutic vaping products to help quit smoking or manage nicotine dependence.

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Therapeutic Vaping System

The LULA therapeutic vaping system sets industry standards with its ISO 13485 medical device certification, combining simplicity with unparalleled quality. It features an innovative built-in Child Lock, ensuring safety and peace of mind for users seeking a reliable and superior vaping experience. LULA offer users flexibility with pre-filled pod options and refillable pod option.
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Our Therapeutic Vaporizer E-Liquid is a pharmaceutical-grade solution, meeting ISO 9001 standards. Precisely engineered, it's crafted with top-tier pharmacopeial ingredients for unmatched purity. Developed through extensive R&D, our e-liquid aims to provide a superior therapeutic experience. Rigorously tested, each blend is optimized for maximum bioavailability and efficacy.
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Bay Pharma Product Catalogue

Bay Pharma has a comprehensive and complimentary range of therapeutic vaping products in both open and closed system categories.

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Educational Webinar Schedule

Bay Pharma will be hosting weekly education sessions to assist in educating and informing healthcare professionals ahead of the scheduling changes in October 2024.

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Session Agenda (60 Mins):
- Smoking Burden of disease
- Therapeutic Vaping and smoking cessation
- Australia Regulatory landscape
- Healthcare practitioner roles and responsibility
- Therapeutic Vaping Products and categories
- Q&A (15 Min)

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